Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where does the time go?

Well I managed to return from my Red Sea trip in one piece – just.

A couple of minor incidents – the first involving too big a gap between the two boats I was stepping between, which led to a comical hover in mid-air whilst fully kitted, before plunging into the sea.
The second involving a regulator first stage which decided to give up on me underwater, leaving me in a cloud of bubbles and having to be escorted to the surface by my buddy.

I’m starting to develop a slight paranoia, which is suggesting I should stay well away from water in the future!!

Anyway, since returning from my trip I’ve been busy catching up at work and also working on my upcoming presentation for the UKOUG conference.

I’ll also be giving a demonstration on the SolStonePlus stand – more details about that later.

The Jonathan Lewis Explain Plan seminar I attended last week was excellent.
I’d already attended a couple of Jonathan’s presentations on the Cost Based Optimiser, so was looking forward to this seminar.
I have to say, Jonathan Lewis has a wonderful gift of being able to give a presentation on a subject that would normally scare the living daylights out of a beginner, and end the day by having everybody understand it.

I’m sure the room got brighter towards the end of each session, as you could almost see all of the lightbulbs lighting up as everybody ‘got’ what he was saying.

I’d worked with explain plans before, but everything I had learned had been through self study, either from books or websites, so I went along as I was curious to find out the bits that I knew I was missing.

If there are any more dates added, then I strongly recommend this seminar to anybody, beginner or otherwise, who wishes to improve their understanding of working with explain plans.

Similarly, I notice Jonathan is giving his ‘Introduction to the Cost Based Optimiser’ presentation at the UKOUG. It’s a presentation aimed at beginners and I think it is a fantastic presentation for Newbies who need to understand what the CBO is and how it works.
If you’re at the UKOUG conference on Wednesday, 15th November then do go and see it – it’s OK, Jonathan’s presentation doesn’t clash with mine this year!


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