Friday, March 16, 2007

Log Buffer #36: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBA’s

Welcome to this weeks edition of Log Buffer!

First up, on the IT toolbox, we have Willie asking ‘Did you survive the daylight savings time change?’ He seems to have come out of it unscathed, so I hope everybody else did too!

Next we have a couple of reviews as Doug Burns provides an excellent ‘Hotsos Wrap Up’ giving his highs and lows of attending the event.

Over on RadioFreeTooting, Andrew Clarke gives us a review of the recent UKOUG combined SIG, with a summary of the presentations he attended.

To move away from looking back at events, it’s time to look forward and welcome a couple of new additions.
Firstly, we have RittmanMead Consulting, the new link for Mark Rittman’s blog.

Secondly, I see via Kevin Closson that Greg Rahn has started a new blog – Structured Data.

Kevin has also posted a good article on Multiple Buffer Pools.

For MySql users, over on Robin’s Blog there is a DBA’s guide to the MySQL Users Conference. It’s there to help DBA’s maximise their time at the conference and make sure they attend the presentations that are most relevant to them.

Back to the Oracle word now, where Dan Fink wants to know What do you want to see on a Statspack report’. Leave a comment on his OptimalDBA blog where he will be collating the results.

In DBAZine, Chris Foot has updated his Oracle 10g Blog with the latest instalment of Oracle Access Path Scientific Analysis. It’s a good read and includes many links to his previous post on SQL performance.

Next up we have some fellow female bloggers.
Beth Breidenbach, aka DataGeekGal with a Spring Audit Reminder.

On to SQL Server now, and Kathi Kellenberger has posted on her sqlserver central blog about a couple of upcoming learning opportunities for SQL Server DBA’s.

In keeping with the learning theme, Susan Visser has posted on the IBM DeveloperWorks blog and provided links to some really useful resources for DBA’s needing to work with multiple database products.

Moving onto a ‘size’ issue, we now have Pete Scott asking ‘So what do you call large databases?’ Answers on a postcard please.

One article that really caught my eye this morning, (and nothing to do with me hosting this weeks Log buffer!), is Julien Lamarche’s entry on the Pythian Blog where he shares his Tips for the new DBA.

Sadly, no songs this week, but one post that made me smile, even if it shouldn’t, was Eddie Awad’s ’10 things about Computer Programming you may not agree with’.

As Eddie himself points out, if you’re not happy with these statements, then maybe you should become a DBA, as Tim at Eye on Oracle reports that Database Administration is one of the fastest growing jobs.

I’ll leave you with some nice imagery now as you move to Antoni Wolski’s blog and picture ‘The Little Tree Inside’ – a small ‘Bonsai Tree’ that will grow in your computer’s memory, courtesy of Solid’s storage engine for MySql.

Happy reading!


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